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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

The Sun Has Got Its Hat On!

Drawn during a spurt of late summer optimism a couple of weeks back when it felt like the summer had come back with a vengeance - feels rather bittersweet right now. I still love the sound of an ice cream van.
Here's the original sketchbook piece drawn on a beautiful September afternoon on a table outside The Nag's Head in Walthamstow, one of my local pubs. I feel like the cold beer & sunglasses rather add to the whole vibe!


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Intergalactic Rock Star Monster!

I drew this intergalactic rock star monster (with a bit of a Bowie penchant) especially for the lovely folk at the Discover Children's Story Centre to hang on the wall as part of a collection of portraits by different illustrators to coincide with their recent refurbishment & relaunch.
I was first  involved with Discover back in 2012, designing their Superheroes exhibition & am always so impressed by the place & with the dedication & love the whole team put into it. It's a brilliant place to visit!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Colectivo cover art

I drew this recently for the cover of a new literary magazine called Colectivo.
The image takes a little bit of artistic licence from several experiences of shared 'bush taxi' journeys a friend of mine & I experienced while traveling around in Gambia, Senegal & Mauritania a few years ago. Whilst travelling around West Africa on the cheap one becomes more & more aware of the myriad workings of what I came to call 'Bush Taxi Top Trumps'
Here's a couple of the original sketches.

For more exhaustive & often far better written & funny musings on 'different' travel experiences I heartily recommend my friend Graham Askey's Inside Other Places blog

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Festive animated greetings!

A festive animated non-denominational animated greeting (nb may contain unicorns)
You can see it BIGGER here -

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Diary of Dennis the Menace - Canine Carnage

The new Diary of Dennis the Menace - Canine Carnage written by Steven Butler & illustrated by my good self is published today!

Mighty menaces, disaster has struck! Gnasher's got himself into REAL trouble this time.
If he's not careful, DENNIS AND THE DINMAKERS are going to be kicked out of THE FAME FACTOR competition. And with our rockin' tunes, we're guaranteed winners!
I have to do something to help Gnasher out - before he ends up in the doghouse for good!

So who's the 'Greatest rockstar on the planet' huh?

(I had a lot of fun with this one - hope you enjoy it)

Friday, 17 April 2015

Diary of Dennis the Menace - Canine Carnage cover

Sneak preview of the cover for 'Canine Carnage' the fifth in the very funny Diary of Dennis the Menace series written by Steven Butler & illustrated by me.
Publication date 2nd July 2015

(Wondering if I can swing a free Flying V or Explorer guitar from Gibson for my product placement...hmmm...)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Happy Halloween folks! (& yes guitar geeks, she's playing a Vox Phantom of course! ; )

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rock star hair

Drawing somewhat inspired by Dave Hill of Slade's '70s haircut, A stunning (if rather unwise) barnet that of of late I've become become rather obsessed with for reasons beyond my understanding. There's a certain rather brilliant home-made quality to '70s British glam rockers which makes it all the more endearing...

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New animation

I've just finished a new animated short - you can see it here

Friday, 2 September 2011


(click to enlarge)
Sneak preview of something I'm working on...

Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Guardian - Michael Holden's All Ears 15th January

That Brian May (no relation) made his guitar out of a fireplace he did...etc.
As a real-life guitar hero(!) I find the whole concept of Guitar Hero rather puzzling, read on...
See the original article here
(Article by Michael Holden)
For a swift antidote to the optimistic platitudes of new year, there's nothing quite like hospital waiting rooms, where any rogue act of exuberance is swiftly countered by the collective frowning of the preoccupied majority. It was here that I saw a woman standing up in a room full of seated people, typing on her Blackberry and looking up occasionally to see if she had stopped acting like she shouldn't be there. An elderly woman and her adult son sat by my side.

Son (reading a text) "Guitar Hero, I wonder how he's getting on with it?"

Mother "You got him playing it?"

Son "Yeah, he's sent me a text saying he's gonna kick my arse."

Mother "Oh."

Son "Of all the versions I've bought – and I've bought five – there's no Jimi Hendrix on there."

Mother (diving deep into her own past) "Burt Weedon? Duane Eddy?"

Son "No. Stones, a lot of Bon Jovi. That's some frantic playing."

Mother (updating) "Brian May?"

Son "Yeah, Queen are there."

Mother (excited – relatively speaking) "Killer Queen?"

Son "Band On The Run – that's good to play."

Mother (eyeing the standing woman with disdain) "I dunno what she's playing at."

Son (holding thumb and forefinger together to indicate the woman's lack of long term illness) "I saw the size of her file – it was stick thin."

Mother "I've definitely gone deaf in this ear."

Son "I'll get you some shopping later."

Mother "Why don't she sit down?"

Son (most assuredly) "She will."

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Guardian - All Ears 6th March

Flying V's, neo Weller haircuts & a little peak at the Gallagher rhyming dictionary

(Article by Michael Holden)
I walked into a pub the other day, where two grown men were arguing at the bar about which one of them might – in theory – have been the better musician, and loitered on the edge of their spat, feeling calm by comparison, as their antagonism flowed.

Man 1 (exasperated) "You've never even heard us play."

Man 2 (malign, mischievous) "But I know you're shite."

Man 1 "How would you know?"

Man 2 "I just know. I can see you in your room now, writing all fucking lyrics and whatnot."

Man1 "What do you know about my lyrics?"

Man 2 "I know they'll be shite."

Man 1 "You talk about it like you know, but what do you do? Sit in your room and play guitar to no one. You've never even been in a band."

Man 2 "Tell us some of your lyrics."

Man1 "Who's your favourite guitarist?"

Man 2 "Whose yours?"

Man 1 "Jeff Beck. You're not gonna tell me Jeff Beck can't play guitar?"

Man 2 (doing sarcastic air guitar motions) "Jeff Beck, man? Did you never see him with that Celtic clasp round his arm? He's lost the plot."

Man 1 "You can't say he can't play because of some … jewellery!"

Man 2 "Tell us some of your lyrics."

Man 1 "I might write a song about you, you twat."

Man 2 "It'd be the best thing you've ever done."

Man 1 "Behave yourself now. People are looking."

Man 2 "Fuck 'em. Tell us some lyrics."

Man 1 "No."

Thursday, 4 March 2010


imaginary '60s girl garage groups...