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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic facts #3

Seeing as we just got our first gold in rowing I thought it'd be pertinent to mention how swimming & rowing were intertwined in the 1900 Paris Olympics where the swimming events took place in the river Seine including an obstacle race which swimmers had to clamber over & under rowing boats(!)

(& don't get me started on ducks!)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Anatidaephobia escalation

Anatidaephobia is defined as a pervasive, irrational fear that one is being watched by a duck...

Monday, 1 March 2010


Just remembered this rather duck-y illustration I did for the Art Book cover competition (rejected, but I quite like the ducks so I thought I'd share it)

I've not had a very good run on winning competitions of any form - I won an 'Anti Religious' cartooning competition under 18s section when I was 12, (prize - £20 book token) a short story competition when I was 13 (prize - paperback copy of '1984') & I got my picture into the 1983 Judge Dredd annual (prize £10) but it's all been a bit barren since then - maybe peaked too early?

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Gay ducks & Santino the stone throwing chimp

In a odd post dream state was alerted to a news story on Radio 4 concerning Santino the stone throwing chimp & later noticed another article about a pair of rare gay ducks called Ben & feverishly working on an apocalyptic end of the world conspiracy theory with a dash of Planet of the Apes in the mix. Am wondering how I can possibly implicate Charlton Heston, ice cream & Fred Goodwin hmmmm....