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Monday, 19 September 2016

Brian Blessed with wings, playing the drums!

I drew this while frothing at the mouth in response to ANOTHER depressing news article about residential property developers attempting to close down venues / clubs etc. which have operated for years due to noise, this time affecting the Curzon cinema in Mayfair.

My radical plan is next time property developers build flats next to long established clubs / cinemas & complain about noise, I propose crowdfunding & installing a continuous hologram of Brian Blessed with wings playing a f*** off drum kit!
In the words of Withnail - "Liven you stiffs up a bit!"

Monday, 6 July 2015

Leather Amphitheatre

During the recent rather sultry nights my subconscious has been rather errmmm, 'fruity'!
In response to a dream about a leather amphitheatre (yes, call my therapist etc.) I decided this would make a great name for a fictional metal band so here's a couple of sketches of the members of aforementioned outfit.

Best band in the world! (as the NME would hyperbolize)

See also Klöwnfingerr & other imaginary musical genres

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Menace it Yourself!

Thought I'd share some brand new Illustrations from the new Diary of Dennis the Menace - Menace Yourself Scribble Journal published by Puffin - there's some skateboarding action & a glimpse of the Dennis & the Dinmakers - Dennis' rock band

(I'm wanting to know where I can get a 'Menace' amplifier for myself!)