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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Monster Facts #12

Monster Fact: THAT'S what happens when you fiddle with your belly button kids! (where the hell did you think tentacled beasties lived huh?)

Collect the series!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Happy (rainy) Monday!

Seemed apt today somehow, please come back summer!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Economist - Data Starvation

Recent illustration  for The Economist Technology Quarterly about the technical challenges of effective communications under the sea.
i.e. it's difficult to update your Facebook status if you don't want the enemy finding out about your sandwich of choice etc.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Advent of unwanted gifts #10

Idiot mittens.

NB whilst finishing this the other day I sudden realised I'd unconsciously nicked the basic idea from another illustration so in fairness here's a link to that - let's call it 'homage' rather than theft huh?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Octopus Zeitgeist

Whilst drawing Paul the psychic octopus for the Guardian the other week I wrote that we'd rather 'missed the octopus zeitgeist' by it being published a week after the World Cup final, then realised (under the Secret Garden influence) what a splendid name it would be...

Monday, 19 July 2010

Guardian All Ears 19th July

I drew this before the World Cup final & (unlike Paul) I wasn't chancing my arm(s?) on a prediction - (& no paella recipes y'hear?)

(article by Michael Holden)
Even in pubs where football is not shown, the miasma of related popular opinion still wafts under the door.

Drinker 1 "Seen the octopus on the TV?"

Drinker 2 (sarcastic) "You mean Paul?"

Drinker 1 "Eh?"

Drinker 2 "The fucking World Cup octopus, it's called Paul."

Drinker 1 "You've seen it, then?"

Drinker 2 (annoyed) "'Course I've seen it."

Drinker 1 "What do you reckon to it?"

Drinker 2 (joking again) "I reckon it knows exactly what's it doing; it knows exactly what's going on. It's fucking laughing at us."

Drinker 1 (as if regarding something sublime) "It picks the winners …"

Drinker 2 "After careful consideration?"

Drinker 1 (attentive to his companion's disdain) "It's just a bit of fun, you know?"

Drinker 2 "You think you're any different, the decisions you make? 'Oh, I'll have another pint of lager.' You think you've got the edge on Paul?"

Drinker 1 "How do you mean?"

Drinker 2 "I mean we're no better. Stick a thing in a jar and give it an option; everybody thinks it's hilarious. And if they're laughing then they can forget they're in a jar of their own."

Drinker 1 (missing the point and trying to keep things amiable) "It has its own tank."

Drinker 2 (hostile) "How's your tank?"

Drinker 1 "Eh?"

Drinker 2 (catching himself) "Forget it, I got carried away."

Drinker 1 "It's just a bit of fun, you know?"

Drinker 2 (unamused) "Yeah, I can see that now."