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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

International Cat Day 2018

(how to know when your cat's mixing with the wrong crowd)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

United Kingdom of UKIP?

I drew this in response to an article by Marina Hyde in The Guardian. The absolute nonsense & outright lies involved in the both sides of the EU Referendum have been pretty lousy throughout but I find Nigel Farage & his pandering to lowest common denominator racism & his 'ordinary bloke' schtick particularly odious

Read the article here

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Smoking Bowie cat

Just found this crittur & thought I'd post it in lieu of yesterday's sad, sad news. RIP David Bowie

NB This blog does NOT condone cats smoking cigarettes

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Cigarette dreams

This blog's been rather quiet while I've been working on the 6th Dennis the Menace book so I thought I'd enlighten you with an extract from a recent rather 'colourful' series of dreams over the last few nights. Among other things I dreamed of 'human finger pepperami' & last night a woman who was in the middle of attempting to smoke as many cigarettes as possible(!)

Over & out.

Monday, 20 July 2015

You can't do that sort of thing any more!

A Compendium of Unwise Pursuits. 

NB Smoking & fighting is NOT big or clever kids!

(part of the 'Steve May rather hinders his career as a children's illustrator by drawing fighting & smoking' series - I may be a bit of an idiot! ; )

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tea & fags (& more bowl cuts)

Some more sketchbook flotsam from my recent bowl cut explorations. Also seems to have a certain retro feel harking back to that '60s / '70s behind the scenes footage where everybody seems to be perma-smoking in the workplace. Even the tea lady usually has a pipe or similar

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Smoking Nurse

A friend ad posted a Facebook update about visiting the smoking nurse to help him giving up fags & this was the image that came to mind...

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Guardian All Ears 14th March


(article by Michael Holden)

Steam baths are an odd arena for conversation at the best of times but lately a malfunction at my local facility has forced everyone to make use of an area half the size of what’s normally available and people seem to have begun talking to one another now simply because they are in such close proximity to one another it seems rude not to. I was sulking in the mist at one end of the chamber when a bloke at the other end started chatting away to the man nearest him as a couple in the opposite corner looked on.

Man 1 (unprompted) “Good weekend? Feeling it yeah?”

Man 2 (surprisingly forthcoming)“I went to a party”

Man 1 “Yeah?”

Man 2 “It was a bit weird. There was a bar but you could only buy bottles of vodka, seven quid, that was all you could drink.”

Man 1 “Sounds like my kind of party. Bottle of vodka, straw, bit of lemon. Away you go.”

Man 2 (unconvinced) “Maybe.”

Man 1 (undeterred) “Vodka’s my drink, I drink quite a bit of it. I used to drink southern comfort but they made it weaker. I stick with my vodka now.”

The man he had been talking to smiled and left, the other man then coughed loudly.

Man 3 “Sorry. Just given up.”

Man 1 (immediately) “Me an ‘all. My girlfriend asked me to give up, I said why? She said you smoke too much and I couldn’t argue with that. So I packed it in but I get fat. That’s why I’m here.”

He patted his stomach for emphasis.

Woman “You don’t look too bad.”

Man 1 “Cheers.”

Man 3 “You smoke 20 a day, the chemicals, it all adds up.”

Man 1 (instantly) ”I’d smoke 60, no problem. Though you give some away.”

I left then, before he could start overstating his consumption of whatever came up next. Air probably.