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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

COVER REVEAL! Albert Johnson & the Buns of Steel

 Here's the cover for my third collaboration with the brilliant Phil Earle Albert Johnson & the Buns of Steel* which is published by Barrington Stoke in January.
I had great fun illustrating this, it's a big colourful action-packed riot, allowing me to reference '50s B-movie posters, 2000ad comic, numerous baked goods & sneaky Half Man Half Biscuit references to boot!

*The title actually came from Phil's eldest son betting him that he couldn't turn a daft title of his choice into a published book & here it is!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Musical Genres #2 - '70s Sitcom Homosexuals

The '70s Sitcom Homosexuals - conceived as a high art / low art post-post ironic performance art / conceptual electronica project - ended up sounding like below par Berlin-era David Bowie with all the good bits taken out (with more songs about alienation, robots & vending machines*.)

*see also Gary Numan