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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Felix Frost Time Detective: Roman Riddle

Felix Frost - Time Detective - Roman Riddle by Eleanor Hawken which I illustrated recently has just been published by Quercus books.

"Join Felix Frost, secret boy genius, his chameleon Einstein and his classmate Missy as they travel back in time to Ancient Rome, where terrifying danger and embarrassing togas await."
(as well as chameleons & embarassing togas I also get to draw a toy Yoda, a smattering of chickens & indulge my 'inner Asterix' by drawing some Roman soldiers too! I'm also responsible for all hair styling in the book)
You can get hold of a copy here or better still get off the internet & support your local bookshop & buy it there

Thursday, 10 October 2013

'deceived by his monkeys'

I was rather entranced by a quote on Radio 4's In Our Time this morning (or, 'The-Melvyn-Bragg-Clever-Programme' as I like to refer to it, because it always makes me feel at least 33% cleverer by proxy after listening!) referring to Galen*, the Roman physician and medical theorist as being 'deceived by his monkeys' 

*nope, no Roddy McDowell references you ignoramus!